Graim Lab


We develop tools for many genomic applications. Repositories, tutorials, and guides for these tools are shared below.


ExoGAN designs precision receptor-targeting peptides using quantum chemically predicted features to understand physiochemical interaction dynamics, increasing the efficacy of designed point-target exosomal pharmaceutics.

FREYA Pipeline

The FREYA analytic framework streamlines cross-species tumor analyses and provides a comprehensive suite of tools that encompass conventional human analyses and new dog-centric approaches, seamlessly integrating the two.


An ML approach for generating ancestry unbaised genetic signatures.


Canine Mammary Tumor Dataset

RNA-seq data of the 89 canine mammary samples from Graim et al 2021.


A semi-supervised multi-view machine-learning framework that integrates multiple biological priors and multiple data sources with mismatched samples.


A unified analytical framework for patient stratification that uses a community detection technique to extract subtypes from sparse patient measurements.